Creating a Better Tomorrow

TRUST is an exclusive doorway leading to the radical shift from “your objectives” to “our objectives.” When we create conditions of trust and invite brains to think differently, in the same direction, we get collective ownership and ignite the superpower of common purpose.

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Creating a better tomorrow

Trust is an exclusive doorway leading to the radical shift from “your objectives” to “our objectives.” When we create conditions of trust and invite brains to think differently, in the same direction, we get collective ownership and ignite the superpower of common purpose.


The Catalyst

What is trust and why are we unable to be successful without it?

Understanding the 3 interdependent elements of complete trust.  Why is life and business impossible without trust? Can you trust yourself? The dark deception of rationalization and how trusting ourselves is the first step to being trusted by others.  

The superpower of common purpose:

When we create conditions of trust and invite participation we get unique and diverse brains thinking differently, in the same direction. We birth co-creation which results in joint accountability for the success of the strategies we have been part of designing. Common purpose is an unstoppable force that moves business in unison toward objectives.

Straight 8

Eight trust building principles to apply in the workplace today. These principles will help you create the conditions of trust that are so critical to success. Trust is a living thing, a yeast that gives rise to performance. When the “straight 8” principles are intentionally cultivated trust will become the catalyst for high performance

The importance of trust in navigating transition

Understanding the difference between change and transition. Avoiding Amygdala hijack and the rejection of change. Setting up conditions of trust, creating fertile minds and hearts that are ready to absorb transition and move in unison toward a better tomorrow.

Shifts in trust

Why we trusted yesterday is different to why we trust now and tomorrow. Illuminating the two trust models so that leaders can leverage off the opportunities of understanding why their people trust. Understanding digital trust and why we need to view digital through the same trust goggles before assigning trust.

Trust is a living thing, a yeast, a commercial stimulant.
When intentionally cultivated it is the catalyst for high performance.

Trust: The Backdrop and the Opportunity

We are witnessing the globalization of mistrust. Trust in leaders, authorities, organizations and higher bodies is waning.  If we no longer look to authority, who will lead us out of ruin? Humanity and Business are looking to trust as a beacon of hope. However, trust based solely on integrity is ineffective. We need an equal part of competence to ensure that good, ethical intent is skillfully followed through until successful completion. The last trust ingredient is a  heart of vulnerability that acknowledges that it doesn’t have all the answers.  A heart that is humble, resilient, teachable and harnesses the intelligence of others. This is the TRUST we are looking to. This presents an opportunity to differentiate and pull ahead for businesses who focus on reclaiming lost ground in the trust space.  

Trust in an Environment Where the Rate of Change is Faster Than Ever Before

Today, much of business is about transition and adapting to an increasingly dynamic consumer. The uncomfortable season of transition is necessary if we are to stay relevant. Losing relevance is losing any meaning we had to our market who are now seeking it elsewhere. But change so often injects uncertainty and fear causing outright rejection or passive resistance. This highlights the imperative of creating conditions of trust. Trust is the yeast igniting the fermentation process of change. When we set up conditions of trust, we create fertile minds and hearts ready to absorb new direction. This allows organizations to shift in unison toward a better and sustainable tomorrow.

Building Trust As A Catalyst to High Performance

We need to transfer trust from the framed values on the boardroom wall and allow it to drive our leadership. Cultivating trust must be intentional if we are to experience its ability to invigorate and rejuvenate business. The “Straight Eight” are principles that when activated will build and foster conditions of trust. These trust conditions are crucial if we are to invite participation and allow diverse team members to freely bring their unique thinking to the table. Diverse teams have less knowledge in common due to their uniqueness and it is only when conditions of safety and trust have been established that they are willing to fully share all of their uniqueness.  This expands the amount of knowledge available to business and creates a distinctive competitive advantage.

High-trust companies report: (Harvard Business Review)

Shane Ward

Executive Coach & Public Speaker

Shane vacated his position as regional chairman of a large corporate business known in every South African home because he felt compelled to do so. He left behind status, position, esteem and security, knowing that he had a greater purpose outside of his current position. 

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Shane spent 15 years at the FirstRand group where he was appointed as an executive member and Regional Director of Advisory and Chairman of the 6 associated businesses . The team he led were able to build from ashes to significance.  His passion and desire to build something powerful and sustainable was evident from the outset.  Shane is quoted as saying “I do believe that when we go into the impossible we have the opportunity to achieve the extraordinary” and that is what he and his team did.  Some of the outcomes they achieved where so outrageously ahead of the national trends that it became clear that he was doing something special in the leadership of this team. Building a solid basis of trust was a priority and very close to Shane’s heart.  He soon infected his entire team with this culture of trust and the results followed.  The engagement score of the business he led was in the 90th percentile which stood head and shoulders above peers in a group that prides itself on engagement.  His staff retention rate was six fold better than the national average.  “Our people are engaged, happy and focused on a common purpose” Shane said.  Creating optimal conditions naturally causes success and it is no co-incidence that the business he led was the most profitable business in Advisory.

Shane’s primary motivation for founding IDthree and becoming a leadership coach and speaker is to positively infect changemakers with trust-based leadership.  “We are operating in a commercial environment with a massive trust deficit. Authority and position has never been less likely to be followed because it has too often proved to be underserving of our trust.  Without trust we are simply unable to advance commercial objectives because we won’t naturally attract the co-operation of others.  I believe trust is a beacon of hope against the murky backdrop of a dysfunctional business environment.  If intentionally cultivated, trust will rejuvenate business, restore ethical practices and be the catalyst for high performance.”

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